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FALL 2021 semester update

We are glad to welcome students  back on campus in an hybrid model.

Our priority continues to be the well-being of our students and we strive to offer them exciting learning experiences at ITAM. 

​We look forward to welcoming them again in spring 2022.

Undergraduate Students

If you are a bachelor student we will enroll you in one of our undergraduate programs. Students will be able to take any course from the undergraduate level programs regardless of the program we accepted them in, always subject to the approval from the Academic Advisor that takes into consideration the courses the student has taken in his or her home university.



Actuarial Science Business Administration Political Science Public Accounting
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Financial Management Law Economics Computer Engineering
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Industrial Engineering Mechatronics Engineering Telecommunications Engineering Business Engineering
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International Relations Applied Mathematics
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Academic Requirements


Students may consult our list of courses corresponding  to the previous semester/year. Students must verify with ITAM's International Office which courses will be available during their exchange period.


ITAM Undergraduate courses Spring 2021 and Fall 2020 taught in English

ITAM Undergraduate courses Spring 2021 taught in Spanish

ITAM Undergraduate courses Fall 2021 taught in Spanish

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Our Fall and Spring study periods are sixteen weeks long, our Summer study period is six weeks long. Students can revise our couse list, but chosen courses must be approved by the Home Institution and the ITAM  Academic Advisor. 

To become a full time student you must take a minimum of four courses. Most of our courses are equivalent to six ITAM credits (48 contact hours) but a few are seven or eight credits.

ITAM allows Exchange Students to take courses from any of our departments regardless of their area of study. Studens need the  necessary prerqueistes to enroll course. 

Number of Subjects

As an Exchange student you must enroll in at least four subjects per period. Should you choose to stay for two terms at the ITAM, you must complete the first term as a student in good standing.  Any student who fails more than two subjects from the first period will not be allowed to register for a second term.


Grades are assigned in whole numbers only, on a scale from 0 to 10, with 6 as the minimum passing grade and 10 as the highest. Under no circumstances will a numerical grade under 6 be registered in the ITAM records. In order to obtain a numerical grade, it is mandatory to pass the subject. No credit can be given for partial fulfillment of the course requirements. Any grade under 6.0 will be registered as "N.A.” (Not-Accredited)


Under the Mexican educational system, one credit represents one-half hour of theoretical class work per week or one hour of laboratory time per week, for one semester. ITAM semesters last sixteen weeks; therefore a 6-credit class represents three hours of class sessions per week for sixteen weeks, or 48 hours of class. Only activities taking place within classes or laboratories is taken into consideration in determining the number of credits to be given in a course.

Therefore, there is no strict, absolutely certain formula for transferring workloads from one system to the next. Each home institution must determine the appropriate equivalencies.  Nonetheless, for the purposes of establishing a reasonable system of credit transfer between ITAM and partner universities using the ECTS credit system, if the topics covered in the syllabus generally fulfill the same objectives of the course in the home institution, most academic departments have generally considered that a European class granting between 5 and 7 ECTS credits is generally equivalent to an  ITAM  6-credit class.

Students must corroborate with their home universities how their credits will transfer into their home university program, in order to avoid problems when revalidating their courses.

Academic Calendar

ITAM Undergraduate Calendar 2022.pdf



Semester 1 Jan 10 - May 28
Semester 2 Aug 8 - Dec 17
Summer June 13 - July 26


Semester 1 Jan 9  - May 27
Semester 2 Aug 7  - Dec 16
Summer June 12 - July 25


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