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Fall 2021 semester update

Unfortunately, there is still much uncertainty about what the fall 2021 semester will look like 

We believe we will have an:

1. Hybrid model:

    Online (synchronous) courses,  if we come back face to face we cannot guarantee students will be able to continue online throughout the semester. 

Although the vaccination process has started  the COVID 19 is still unresolved.


Graduate Students

Almost all our courses in the Master programs are taught in Spanish and the student’s average age is 28 (with mandatory 1 year of work experience for taking MBA courses). We do not require anybody to have a proficiency certificate in Spanish, although you should have at least a B2 level to be able to take any of these courses. You will be able to take courses from all our Master programs but your enrollment in Master courses is subject to the approval of the respective program director.

Trimester based programs:  (fully taught in Spanish)

• Full time MBA

• Part Time MBA (with specializations: entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Technology Mgt

• Executive MBA* (not available for exchange studetns)

• Accounting

• Finance

• International Management

• Marketing

• Public Policy

• Human Rights (not available for excahnge students)

• Information Technology and Management

• Risk Management

Semester based programs: (Applied Economics and Economic Theory taught in English)

• Applied Economics

• Economic Theory

• Data Science

• Computer Science

Academic requirements


Students can revise our course list, but chosen courses must be approved by the Home Institution and the master's director in charge of each course. 

ITAM allows Exchange Students to take courses from any of our departments regardless of their area of study.

Our list of courses corresponds to the previous trimester/year. It is the Exchange Student's responsibility to verify with ITAM's International Office if chosen courses will be availble during their exchange.


Graduate List of courses available in Spanish

Graduate Trimester courses October-December 2020 taught in Spanish

Graduate Trimester courses April-June 2020 taught in Spanish

Graduate Trimester courses January-March 2020 taught in Spanish

Graduate Semester courses 2020

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Number of subjects

As an Exchange student you must enroll in at least four subjects per period. Should you choose to stay for two terms at  ITAM, you must not fail more than two subjects from the first period to register for the second one.



Grades are assigned in whole numbers only, on a scale from 0 to 10, with 6 as the minimum passing grade and 10 as the highest. All the students must present and pass their end-of-course examinations so the other evaluation criteria can be taken into account. Under no circumstances will a numerical grade under 6 be registered in the ITAM records. In order to obtain a numerical grade, it is mandatory to pass the subject. No credit can be given for partial fulfillment of the course requirements. Any grade under 6.0 will be registered as "N.A.” (Not-Accredited).


In graduate programs, 33 hours of theoretical class work per trimester represent four ITAM credits. There is no strict, absolutely certain formula for transferring workloads from one system to the next. Nonetheless, for the purposes of establishing a reasonable system of credit transfer between ITAM and partner universities using the ECTS credit system, if the topics covered in the syllabus generally fulfill the same objectives of the course in the home institution, most academic departments have generally considered that a European class granting 4 ECTS credits should be accredited at ITAM as a 4 credit class.

Students must corroborate with their home universities how the credit transfer system works with ITAM in order to avoid problems when revalidating their courses.

Academic Calendar

Trimester based programs (fully taught in Spanish)

ITAM Graduate Trimester Calendar 2021





Trimester 1 CANCELLED
Trimester 2 CANCELLED
Trimester 3 CENCELLED
Trimester 4 Sept 27 – Dec 18


Trimester 1  
Trimester 2  
Trimester 3  
Trimester 4  


Semester based programs (Applied Economics and Economic Theory taught in English)

Semester Graduate Calendar 2021 (Same as Undergraduate Program)



Semester 1 CANCELLED
Semester 2 August 2 - December 18



Semester 1  
Semester 2