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This content guide contains the descriptions of the subjects required for the completion of degrees in ITAM's undergraduate programs. ITAM is organized on a matrix system, where each academic department gives all the subjects in its discipline, independently of the academic program of the student. For example: a student in International Relations will have to take some subjects from the Deparments of Mathematics, Economics and Accounting. Therefore, exchange and visiting students may also choose the appropriate subject from each discipline according to the degree requirements of their home institution. Also included in this brochure are the programs for each undergraduate degree offered at ITAM. By cross-referencing the programs and the subjects offered by each academic department, the student should be able to determine the level of the subject.

In addition to the subjects outlined in this brochure, every academic department offers a limited number of elective subjects. Information on these courses can usually be obtained from the Department of Academic Exchange, approximately two months before the beginning of the semester. Likewise, schedule adjustments or course cancellation may occur if there is insufficient enrollment in any given subject. If you want to take an elective, please check the final schedule or with the Academic Exchange Department to see which subjects will be definitely offered.

Every effort is made to keep this content giude as accurate as possible, but as disciplines evolve, new texts and topics may be incorporated into any given subject. At the beginning of each class, the student will be provided with the course outline, which will show the topics, bibliography and criteria for evaluation. Any questions or concerns regarding a course outline should be sent to the Department of Academic Exchange.

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