Graduate Student Exchange

ITAM has established Exchange Agreements with over seventy prestigious universities around the world, providing the opportunity for our students to study abroad while accrediting subjects towards their ITAM degree. Under these Exchange Agreements, students pay tuition at their home universities while studying at the host institution abroad. To maintain this type of financial scheme, a balance must be maintained, over time, between incoming and outgoing students with each partner institution.


Deadline for deliver documents:

  • 1st of September 2017 for outgoing in January or April 2018.

  • 13th of March for outgoing in Summer or Fall 2017.



ITAM is a member of the Partnership in International Management, an international consortium of business schools that was founded in 1973. Each member institution represents the highest degree of excellence in the fields of business administration and management, demonstrates leadership in their geographic region and delivers an MBA or graduate-equivalent degree in management. PIM facilitates the international exchange of MBA or masters degree-equivalent students among its member institutions, encourages the development of joint ventures and cooperation among faculty members and researchers.

We invite you to explore the explanations of Requirements for Exchange, along with the list of universities that have Exchange Agreements with ITAM. As a student at ITAM, studying abroad helps you not only to obtain knowledge about other countries and cultures, but also learn to manage change, build networks and discover your capacity for future professional mobility.

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