International Students

Student Services

a) Computers

ITAM has some of the most advanced computer equipment in Mexico. It is equipped with specialized facilities for designing econometric models, applied project evaluations and market analyses. The Computer Center often develops its own software to meet internal demand for specific requirements. There is access to more than 500 databases through the Data Consultation Service and ITAM is connected to four Mexican satellite information systems. Computer Rooms with Personal Computers and terminals to ITAM´s mainframes are open to students on both campuses. Faculty and staff are connected to Internet and this service, including access by modem, can also be made available to students. Students have access to large computer centers on both campuses, with the graduate campus housing a specialized finance laboratory.

b) Library

Each campus at ITAM is equipped with modern library services. In 2002 the Río Hondo library was enlarged to nearly double its previous size with additional installations to house volumes and online services. Students and faculty have loan access to the ITAM Library Collections. For more information on ITAM Library Services click onto Biblioteca Raúl Baillères.

c) Books

Bookstores and copy services are located on each campus, offering a good selection of the texts and materials required for ITAM classes. The cost of books published abroad can be slightly higher (10-20%) than those found in US bookstores.

d) Cafeteria

Each campus has cafeterias for students providing snacks, light lunches and hot, hearty meals (2013 price: 60 pesos for the full meal aproximately). There are also low-priced restaurants, providing a varied selection of menus, within walking distance of both campuses.

e) Spanish Language Acquisition

All international students can learn Spanish during their exchange term at ITAM. Students are invited to enroll in Spanish Immersion classes, where they will be tested to ascertain their appropriate class level. Classes are offered for six hours weekly and tutorial sections may be programmed with the Instructor or with assistants in the Academic Exchange Office. The outlines for the Spanish classes may be consulted at

Special support for language learning is available through the CARLE, ITAM's Center for Writing and Language. The CARLE Self-Access Center offers specialized software for Spanish as a Second Language, Spanish writing for native speakers, and other language acquisiton. Among the services offered by the language center are advising and peer tutoring, practice exercises for international language testing and postgraduate admissions examinations.

f) Sports

Soccer, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts are located at the undergraduate campus. Other sports teams are also organized under the undergraduate sports department. All types of sports, aerobic and even dance classes are offered in accordance with student demand in the gym located at the undergraduate campus.

g) Student Organizations

All undergraduate programs have a "minor faculty", which consists of upper-level students with high grade-point averages. The duties of these persons are to assist faculty in research and help students having doubts or difficulties in their classes. Undergraduates have a very active student council organization, a newspaper called "El Supuesto", journal and participation in ITAM professional journals. There are also other publications, including The Economics Gazette , The Golem Magazine and the Opcion Magazine.

As well, students can participate in other internal activities, such as the TV and Radio internal system (CRTV) and the Theatre Workshop. Law students, under faculty guidance, run a legal aid office, as well as an immigration assistance office. Law, Business and Computer Science students and faculty offer free consulting services to non-profit organizations and the student club ALCANCE, provides resources for homeless children. Other organizations include an "Out-of-Towner's Club" to help students from outside Mexico City to become accustomed to urban life, a chapter of AIESEC, and a businesspersons' association (AEITAM). MBA students have a women's organization, a marketing club, a finance club and a consultancy club. For further information click here.

h) Buddy Program

When you travel abroad you might encounter a series of unexpected situations that could be avoided or easily resolved if you have the support of a local student. Having this in mind, the Academic Exchange Office has created a Buddy Program to help make your experience in Mexico as enjoyable as possible. The Buddy Program has been designed in order to help international students coming to this institute to adapt faster and easily to Mexico City, as well as to student life in ITAM. In order to achieve this, ITAM students have volunteered to become buddies. Their job is to help you upon your arrival as well as give you information regarding all day-to-day issues about life in Mexico. Parties and trips will be organized during the semester, which will help to integrate both international and local students. This way international students can make friends and contacts during their stay in Mexico. It's very important that you let us know as soon as possible if you'll want a buddy or not, in order for us to make all the necessary arrangements. Finally, please let us know if you have anyone in Mexico that will assist you during your stay. We hope you have a great time in Mexico!



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