Through agreements with over seventy partner institutions throughout the world, ITAM is proud to welcome international students to experience the academic programs of ITAM and the exciting culture and beauty of Mexico. At ITAM, every effort is made to provide an opportunity for our international students to integrate fully with our regular students. With the exception of Spanish language classes which can be given if there is sufficient demand, our classes, given mostly in Spanish with a few in English, are given for our students to complete the requirements for our programs.

Since programs vary for every home institution, we invite our international students to pick classes from any of our programs, provided they have the necessary prerequisites for the class. To view the existing Undergraduate course content guide, click here.

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Students may spend a term or semester with us, depending on the program(s) they want to study. ITAM offers the following:


(Semester Periods)
(Trimester Periods)
Actuarial Science   Business Administration
Applied Mathematics   Risk Management
Business Administration   Administrative and Regulatory Law
Computer Science   Finance
Economics   Information Technologies and Management
Industrial Engineering   International Management
International Relations    
Graduate (Semester Periods)
Political Science   Computer Science
Public Accounting and Financial Strategy (Joint Program)   Data Science
Telematics Engineering   Economics
    Economic Theory

Undergraduate Academic Calendar

2017 Semesters for Undergraduate Programs (see calendar)
Semester 1: Jan 16 - Jun 3
Semester 2: Aug 12 - Dec 22
Summer: Jun 19 - Aug 1

2018 Semesters for Undergraduate Programs (see calendar)
Semester 1: Jan 15 - Jun 2
Semester 2: Aug 13 - Dec 22
Summer: Jun 18 - July 31

Summer Business and Culture in Mexico 2017
June 19th to August 1st


Graduate Academic Calendar

2017 Trimesters for Graduate Programs
Trimester 1: Jan 9th to Mar 31st  
Trimester 2: April 3rd to Jun 30
Trimester 3: July 10th to September 29th
Trimester 4: Oct 2nd to December 15th

2016 Semesters for Graduate Programs in Economic Theory, Data Science and Computer Science
Semester 1: January 12th to May 30th
Semester 2: August 10th to December 19th

Note: These dates include the final exam period.


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