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Academic Style

ITAM has played an important role in training many of Mexico´s current leaders. Today, the need for more highly-trained professionals has intensified, and the ITAM, aware of this, instills students with the knowledge necessary to carry out structural changes and economic modernization crucial to the country´s future. As a result, ITAM demands academic excellence and, in return, it offers students the most advanced training available in their fields of specialization

Throughout its history, ITAM has always emphasized the role of its faculty in achieving academic excellence. Classes, therefore, are generally small, only exceptionally bringing together more than thirty students. Class attendance is always expected and usually required. Each professor, or subject coordinating committee in the cases of subjects with many sections, determines the criteria for evaluation. Each student is given a temario, or subject outline, which must state the criteria to be used for evaluation, as well as the objectives, content and bibliography to be used in each class.

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a) Class workload Requirements

To qualify for full-time status, students must be enrolled in a minimum of four classes. Enrollment in five classes is also permitted.

b) Grading System and Enrollment Information

All classes at ITAM are graded on a ten-point scale, in whole numbers only, with 6.0 as the minimum passing grade and 10.0 as the highest. The criteria for evaluation is established by each professor, who is obliged to provide the student with this information at the beginning of each semester or trimester. The distribution of grades varies by program and by generation, but there are no obligatory bell curves and each student has the opportunity to achieve a 10 in his or her class.

c) Credit System

Each ITAM credit in the undergraduate programs or the graduate programs on a semester calendar generally represents one-half hour of theorethical class or one hour of practical laboratory session per week for the semester which lasts 16 weeks. For example, a class with six credits will be in session for a total of 48 hours per semester. Graduate programs on the trimester calendar are given over eleven weeks with one additional week of final examinations. Grade reports given at the end of the semester will show the official number of class and laboratory hours.



Likewise all fees must be paid in full before grades will be issued.

On line Services:

Each student may access his or her official enrollment information online and each student must make sure that the information is correct. Students can check their academic and financial information on the internet by clicking here. No credit can be given if the student is not officially enrolled in the subject and a grade will be issued for every subject registered and active on the student´s enrollment information.

Spanish Language

Most classes are given in spanish with a large number of English texts used. We offer some courses in English every term--mostly in the MBA program, but also in the undergraduate programs of Business Administration, International Relations and Economics. We therefore recommend that incoming students have an understanding of basic conversational spanish before beginning classes. Intensive spanish classes are offered during the undergraduate summer session and a regular spanish language course is offered during each semester. Students may also improve their spanish language skills at the self-acces language center (CARLE).


All ITAM undergraduate, masters and specialization programs are fully recognized and registered with the Mexican Public Education Secretariat. All programs under the Division of Business Administration and Accounting have received accreditation from the AACSB, the International Association for Management Education. The Division of Business Administration is also a member of PIM Program in International Management, a group of over fifty top business schools from all over the world, who cooperate together for exchanges and excellence in graduate business educations.

In Mexico, ITAM is a member of both the Federation of Private Institutions of Higher Education (FIMPES) and the Mexican Association of Institutions of Higher Education (ANUIES). The Masters in Economics and in Public Policy are included in the listing of programs of excellence by Mexico´s National Council on Science and Technology (CONACYT).


ITAM undergraduate enrollment averages approximately 4500 students, with roughly 1000 in Economics and another 800 in Business Administration and Accounting. The other 2700 are enrolled in the remaining 8 programs. At the graduate level there are approximately 1000 students, with 500 in the MBA program. University Extension Programs, all of which are graduate level programs, serve another 2000 members of the Mexico City Community at any given time.

Research Activity

Academic Programs at ITAM are backed by research both within the academic departments and in specialized research centers. For more information on research activity at ITAM click here.


The main campus, known as Río Hondo is a traditional group of buildings in the south of Mexico City, including an expanded library, which now meets the standards of the American Library Association for university library services, a gymnasium and soccer field and industrial engineering laboratories. Most of the undergraduate subjects are taught at Río Hondo.

Three miles further south is the Center for Research and Graduate Studies, better known as the Santa Teresa Campus, a complex of beautiful modern buildings which extend into a courtyard with glass covered arcades. Santa Teresa was built in the early nineties, responding to ITAM's growing role in graduate and executive education in Mexico. Most of the master's degree courses and graduate certificate courses, known as Diplomados, are given at Sta. Teresa.


ITAM is located on the southwest side of Mexico City, near the National University, San Angel and Pedregal "colonias" or neighborhoods.

The Undergraduate Campus is close to the Televisa San Angel studios, while the landmark closest to the Graduate Campus is Hospital Angeles, and the Camino Real Pedregal Hotel.

The nearest metro stations are Miguel Angel De Quevedo on Line 3 and Barranca de Muerto on Line 9. Shuttles run from the undergraduate campus to these stations every hour on weekdays when classes are in session.

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