Presidents and General Managers

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  Name Load Year
Arturo M. Fernández Pérez Arturo M. Fernández Pérez President 1992
Javier Beristain Iturbide Javier Beristain Iturbide President 1972-1991
Antonio Carrillo Flores Antonio Carrillo Flores President 1971-1972
Joaquín Gómez Morfín Joaquín Gómez Morfín President 1968-1971
Enrique Moreno de Tagle Enrique Moreno de Tagle General Manager 1967-1968
Gustavo Petricioli Iturbide Gustavo Petricioli Iturbide General Managers 1967
Agustín De la Llera Agustín De la Llera General Managers 1952-1967
Eduardo García Máynez Eduardo García Máynez General Managers 1946-1951
Raúl Baillères Raúl Baillères Founder 1 de julio de 1946