Student Journals
Caeteris Paribus Caeteris Paribus provides economic analyses on local and international issues and articles of interest for ITAM's community, especially for economists. Caeteris Paribus is a free bimonthly publication. Contact: Gustavo Adolfo Robles Peiro Telephone: (55)56 16 32 94 E-mail: Bimonthly Publication Gaceta de Ciencia Política La Gaceta de Ciencia Política deals with issues related to political science. Contact: Sarah Banderas Martínez Telephone: 044 55 9110 4182 E-mail: Gaceta de Economía The Gaceta de Economía, which was founded in 1995, publishes articles related to economics written by members of ITAM's community. This publication encourages research among professors and students, thereby strengthening students' academic performance. It also acts as a forum for debate on economic policy in Mexico. Contact: Pablo Hill de Titto Telephone: (55)5628 4000 ext. 2907 E-mail: Laberintos e infinitos This journal is published by the Applied Mathematics students. Contact: J. Ezequiel Soto S. Telephone: 044 55 2134 0565 E-mail: Opción Opción is an autonomous and analytical journal, representative of a university community committed to the role it plays within the country and in Latin America. It follows a humanistic line of thought which highlights the artistic development of both men and women. Contact: Claudia Masferrer León Telephone: (55)5628 40 00 ext. 1535 E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: Syntagma Syntagma is published by students from the Political Science Department. It seeks to inform the university community about relevant issues concerning the world of politics. Contact: Abraham Rubluo Parra Telephone: 044 55 1907 81 00 E-mail: Urbi et orbi This publication is focused on the field of International Relations, and it approaches various topics from distinct social disciplines.