University Life

ITAM has always supported and promoted students' extracurricular interests, making university life an enriching experience. 

Our students have created a number of student organizations and associations in areas that interest them. The following are just some of ITAM's organizations and associations: 

The Sociedad de Alumnos (Student Government) includes all of ITAM's undergraduate students. 

It serves as a link that allows our students and alumni to keep in contact with ITAM and their classmates so that they may continue to strengthen the network ITAM offers to members of its community. 

Clic here to learn the new bylaws. 

Asociación de Estudiantes Foráneos (Foreign Students Association): Thi s association includes out of town students, as well as foreigners, who want to involve new students in the university community.

Drama Workshop: Students from undergraduate programs who want to promote alternative spaces of artistic expression at ITAM can take part in this workshop.

Circuito de Radio y Televisión (Radio and TV Circuit): This group of students gives ITAM's community access to videoconferences, televised classes, news, music, and general interest programs. 

Asociación de Empresarios (Entrepreneurs Association): This association aims at developing an entrepreneurial spirit through business, professional, and cultural exchanges. 

Despacho de Asesoría Gratuita para Instituciones Filantrópicas (Office for Free Assistance to Philanthropic Institutions): This office was created to provide free assistance to those who need help overcoming problems of our society.

Alcance: This non profit organization is committed to providing social assistance to the university community. Members work with disadvantaged children, work at retirement homes, and at other institutions . 

Programa Interdisciplinario del Medio Ambiente (Interdisciplinary Environmental Program): This program seeks to create a positive change in society by encouraging a lifestyle that respects the environment and is in balance with nature. 

AIESEC: AIESEC stands for the French Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales , which strives for human advancement through international understanding and cooperation. This association allows our students to contact foreign companies and gives them the opportunity to do internships abroad .

The following organizations and associations are also present on ITAM's campus:

• Student Committee of Academic Excellence
• Debate Club 
• Educational Link
• Omega Delta Phi
• A variety of student publications