Social Responsibility

ITAM seeks to contribute to the individual’s comprehensive education and to develop a freer, more just, and prosperous society. As one of Mexico’s best institutions of higher education, we feel that it is our responsibility to use our resources to improve the standard of living of the people in our society.

Therefore, our professors and students work every day in Mexico to help solve the problems of the disadvantaged of our society. Our community constantly contributes to our country’s social development through the following organizations:

Name Descripción
Donar Your financial support can help our high-achieving students from low-income families devote themselves to their studies.
Alcance This organization fosters an environment of social commitment through its work with marginalized social sectors by supporting and implementing practical solutions stimulating self-governance.
Center of Access to Justice This organization provides legal assistance  and access to judicial representation to people of low-income economic status regardless of their ethnicity, age or gender. Its priority is to make sure  that their rights are protected under the law and that they are guaranteed due legal process. This service is also extended to ITAM’s community.
Sharing Tizapán Sharing Tizapán es una iniciativa impulsada por AIESEC ITAM que ofrece, a niños y jóvenes de la colonia Progreso Tizapán, clases de inglés impartidas por voluntarios extranjeros.

ITAM Construye

ITAM Construye brinda la oportunidad a estudiantes universitarios de realizar su servicio social o participar de manera voluntaria en proyectos que los ayudan a volverse agentes de cambio en su sociedad. Entre sus iniciativas se encuentran proyectos como el Club de Tareas, las clases de computación a adultos mayores, el equipo de futbol Real Construye, la Brigada de Recuperación de Espacio Públicos, entre otros.


ARTizapán es un proyecto desarrollado por estudiantes del ITAM que busca recuperar espacios públicos de la colonia Progreso Tizapán con intervenciones artísticas hechas en comunidad.
Cultural Center Manuel Gómez Morín Since it was founded, the Cultural Center has been present in our country’s academic life through different types of activities, e.g., round tables, conferences, colloquiums, publications, and through the Manuel Gómez Morín Award.
Philanthropic Consulting Firm This organization brings together ITAM and  other non-profit organizations in order to dedicate their time and work toward the solution of problems affecting our society.
Project on Philanthropy and Civil Society This project is an endeavor seeking to promote an environment fostering philanthropy in Mexico, transforming civil society into a sustainable sector with more professionals, and finally, producing a solid foundation of knowledge about this subject matter.
Open High School for Adults With this project, ITAM coordinates its students to provide free tutoring to people desiring to continue and finish their high school studies, thereby contributing to increasing the community’s level of education.
AIESEC AIESEC  is  the world’s largest student association. It is currently active in more than 106 countries and in more than 1100 universities worldwide. It is a non-political and non-profit organization run by students and recent graduates from the world’s most prestigious universities. Its main goal is to form leaders who can make a positive impact on their environment.
Atalaya Program This program’s goal is to contribute to improve the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH). Moreover, it seeks to increase respect toward human rights in Mexico through analysis and public scrutiny of the Ombudsman, the independent figure that protects and promotes  human rights.
Publications ITAM publishes a series of magazines on diverse topics and interests edited by both the institution and its students.


ITAM’s Seminar of Social Commitment

Social policy has been changing throughout the years. However, while many aspects of Mexican standard of living have improved for the majority of the population, a significant portion of Mexicans continue living in poverty.

The situation becomes worse in an increasingly violent social environment where trust among people keeps decreasing.

Public policy can and should be supported by private action from civil society organizations, associations committed to their community and international organizations whose purpose is to achieve an inclusive and continuous development, and also a significant decrease of inequality.

The goal of our seminar is to reflect upon the importance of social commitment and the participation of its parties in order to finally overcome poverty and establish a period of inclusive development in Mexico.

  • Seminar for Social Commitment 2017
  • Seminar for Social Commitment 2015
  • Seminar for Social Commitment 2014
  • Seminar for Social Commitment 2010

More actions of Social Responsibility

Furthermore, ITAM’s support toward the development of Álvaro Obregón borough stands out through the following actions:

  • The Center for Access to Justice is a law firm at ITAM providing free legal consulting in civil or penal matters.  They frequently provide consulting regarding the following topics:  inheritance, contracts, social security, assets, divorce, food, injury, burglary, fraud, murder, abandonment, medical negligence, defamation, harassment, falsification, as well as family affairs.
  • Participation of the Center of Access to Justice in the “Viernes Ciudadanos” program in the Álvaro Obregón borough.
  • Free parking provided for the neighbor’s cars in the ITAM park lot at night.
  • Lighting of Río Hondo street and the adjacent alleys.
  • People living in Tizapán and Progreso Tizapán neighborhoods are directly and indirectly benefited by ITAM because of the jobs it creates.
  • Free open high school on Saturdays to the people of Tizapán and Progreso Tizapán.
  • Donating computer equipment, furniture, and books to public elementary schools in Tizapán and San Ángel neighborhoods.
  • Neighborhood public elementary schools and preschools can book the Auditorium for events.
  • Sponsorship of the Carrera Atlética Guadalupana of Tizapán.