Why Join

-Experience the cultural richness resulting from the merging of ancient civilizations.

-Understand the historical influences on institutional structures in Mexico.

-Gain insight into Mexico’s vast opportunities and complexities.

-Change your perception of Mexico away from simplistic views of drug trafficking and migration.

-Analyze economic challenges and business opportunities in sectors that are globally competitive.

-Appreciate Mexico´s relevance for pursuing economic policy or business opportunities in other emerging countries.

-Examine the way in which economic and social conditions in emerging economies affects business strategies.

-Debate Mexico´s impact upon its neighboring country, the United States.

-Study business opportunities resulting from financial innovation.

-Visualize the importance of transforming high-impact sectors to jump-start growth in emerging economies.

-Discuss the relative strength of the family-business structure that is prevalent in Mexico as well as their challenges to scale up operations.

-Identify large underperforming or bottle-neck industries that have significant spillover effects on the economy: energy, Telecommunications.



.........- Discussions with successful local business groups

.........- City tours, sightseeing and cultural tourism

........-- New friends, great Mexican food, and lots of fun!